Michelle Finnegan, Intuitive and Medium

Michelle Finnegan
Psychic Medium • Healer

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Welcome Friends

As a medium and healer I have been working and communicating with Spirit for many years. There is an entourage of helpers that walk with us; they can and will help to get through the many challenges and crossroads in life. Connecting to those on the other side and the higher aspects of life can bring profound healing and change. My life’s purpose and passion is to be a conduit for spirit, facilitating healing and solutions for positive change to help you live a life of peace and well-being. I invite you to browse my site for more details.

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“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

~ Robert Byrne
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My Mission

Passion & Commitment

As an ambassador of the Spirit, I serve humanity and the Spirit World with integrity and compassion while assisting in healing on both sides of the veil. I am committed to raising awareness and consciousness in all my interactions. I continue to develop my gifts as well as my soul expression so that I may live and love fully in this life and inspire others to do the same.

“Life is eternal……We are not separated by death, merely blinded by what we see.”

~ Michelle Finnegan ~