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If you aren’t sure for yourself, take it from my past clients.

“Dear Michelle,

I just wanted to follow up with you after our session together. Firstly I cannot say thank you enough. The time was amazing! Everything said has brought much peace to me. I was very touched by your compassion and concern for my situation. I look forward to our next session. Once again thank you for your gift and talent in this session. My life is better for that time spent.


Judy L.
Nashville, TN

“When I went to see Michelle I was pleased to see that she was a very warm and kind person. She is the real deal and her reading was spot on and it changed my life. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking for further enlightenment and clarity in their life.”

Joan S.
Wanship, UT

“Receiving spiritual insight from Michelle is one of the most loving and joyful gifts that I have ever been given. Her compassionate yet professional interaction took away any uncertainties I was feeling before we began. Michelle’s communication for me reflected details never shared with her, and life questions of my own that I had not been able to voice before. Some aspects of her revelations, not understood by me, but later shared by me with siblings, became amazingly clear.

Months later, I continue to feel empowered and energized by the emotional resolution I experienced that day. Sharing the experience with my family has allowed them similar feelings of letting go and joy. I will always be grateful for Michelle and the spiritual awareness that she shared with me, as it has truly altered the road of life that I was traveling.”

Linden M.
Park City

“Michelle, I want to thank you for the incredible channeling you have done for me. You are the one who has been sensitive enough to bring in my sister Lorrie, twice, brother Charlie, and my father, George, twice or more. I can’t tell you how healing, helpful and informative that has been. It has changed our family dynamics in a very positive way for me.”

Mary D.
Salt Lake City

“Michelle, Your talent has given me a great sense of peace. Thank you!”

Michael F.
Salt Lake City

“I have worked with Michelle a number of times over the past 18 months. At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never visited a medium before. I felt so strongly called to see her and am so glad I did! Michelle is such a warm yet professional person. The feedback I received from her helped me to feel the connection of loved ones who have passed. I will work with Michelle in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone!”

Susan S.
Park City