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Michelle is a certified Unity field Healing (UHF) practitioner. UHF is a modality of energy healing originated in 2012 by Dr. John Ryan and is a powerful catalyst for profound personal transformation. It has similarities to other healing modalities where the channeling of the universal energies is present, but there are aspects of this process that are uniquely different. This modality is far beyond your typical energy work or chakra clearing and is a gateway to healing at the conscious and subconscious levels. If you are truly ready for a powerful change in your life, whether it is bringing in something new, or letting go of something no longer serving you, UFH may be for you. This is an evolutionary process designed to support emotional, mental as well as physical healing and transformation through your quantum DNA.

Session Details

For a powerfully profound quantum healing experience, three unique sessions are encouraged to anchor the energies and templates of UFH.

Session 1

An attunement, strengthening and aligning the physical, emotional and mental bodies to receive the energy of the next two sessions.

Session 2

Provides a personal attunement to the UHF templates giving you the needed foundation to begin the personal intentional healing work in the third session.

Session 3

Is an energy session aligned with a specific personal intention encompassing anything you may be struggling with, including physical, psychological, emotional or relationship issues. Your intention can be anything that will promote balance and well-being in your life. It doesn’t necessarily even need to be a “healing” but you may wish to bring in higher frequencies by expanding your levels of consciousness and spirituality, or simply invite qualities such as more compassion, flexibility and love into your life. The possibilities are endless.

Sessions 1 and 2 only need to be completed once. Session 3 may be completed any number of times providing support around any specific issue on your pathway of healing. It is important to allow several days between appointments to allow the energy to deeply integrate. The healing sessions can be done either in person or remotely.

For a deeper look into UFH please visit the website www.unityfeildhealing.com

Single Session


3-Session Package